Board Meetings 3rd Mondays of each month

at 5:15 p.m.


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NAMI DeKalb 2017 Calendar

Type of Meeting Date Location
Board Meetings (3rd Mondays of the month)
  January 16th Moved to Jan 28th
  February 20th DAC
  March 20th DAC
  April 17th

(Annual Member Meeting)

  May 15th DAC
  June 19th No Meeting
  July 17th DAC
  August 21st DAC
  September 18th DAC
  October 16th DAC
  November 21st DAC
  December 18th No Meeting
Strategy Board Meeting
  January 28th Dianne Hiltman’s Home
Holiday Party
  December 4th DAC
Walk Kick Off
  August 28th DAC
Educational Meetings (5th Mondays of the year)
SSDI and Working? January 30th FBCD
  May 22nd FBCD
Beacon Options? July 31st FBCD
  May 19th Decatur Square
Advisory Council Meetings
  March 13th DAC
  August 21st DAC
Volunteer Training
  April 29th
  September 23rd
NAMI Georgia Conference
  April 21st-23rd Savannah, GA
NAMI National Convention
  June 28th-July 1st Washington, DC
Peer to Peer January 17th DAC
Trauma Sensitive Yoga January 19th FBCD
Drama Therapy March 9th FBCD
Family to Family January 17th DeKalb Wellness Center
Family to Family February 23rd DeKalb Wellness Center

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