Recovery Facts

  • Recovery is common to everyone. Most people have bad experiences throughout life. Their experiences and recovery steps may be similar to yours
  • Recovery is specific to each person and depends on your needs.
  • Recovery takes practice.
  • Recovery allows for growth. You can have a fulfilling life despite your illness.
  • Recovery is complicated.
  • Your recovery depends on how much you do for yourself. Mental health professionals can help to guide you, but only you can make it happen.


Stages of Recovery

Phase I: You may feel overwhelmed by your illness and how you are treated by your family, friends and others.

Phase II: You Struggle with living with mental illness. You may have problems knowing who you are and relating to other people. You may search for a purpose in life.

Phase III: You learn to live with a mental illness. You start to know who you are and you feel more comfortable around your family, friends and others.

Phase IV: You live beyond your mental illness. You feel good about yourself and feel safe. You feel satisfied with your life.